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Review of Hong Kong Escort

Escort smiled at me again, and started stroking my cock gently, and I could feel every single drop of blood throbbing inside there as it passed through Hong Kong sex. Escort picked up the powder can again, took 2 handfuls of the powder and applied it right on my cock, now using both her hands to cover its full length. She started slowly moving both fists up and down, while keeping her grip firm on my cock. She spread the powder all over the cock, and also over my balls, and my whole pubic area was now bathed in fragrant white powder. She stopped again after a few minutes and said, “Time for your facial massage. Don’t you want to sit up now?” She sure knew everything that my wife and I did inside our bedroom. I sat up from my lying position, sat upright on the bed facing her.

Escort sprinkled some more powder, but this time, over her own breasts. She spread the powder evenly over them, and then stood with her knees on the bed, right before me. We looked longingly into each other’s eyes for a few moments, and then she pulled me towards her with her hands behind my neck, so that my face dug into her cleavage. She held my face in the palms of her hands, and then started rubbing both her breasts on my face, just the way my wife does every time, too. She kept smothering my face between her massive boobs, barely letting me breathe properly. Yes, that’s the way I like getting my face massaged by a woman, dear folks! And there just can not be any better way than that, I can bet. Escort’s breasts were so damn tender, so very full and yet, so amazingly firm, even Neela’s breasts don’t feel so nice against my face. With Escort treating me to this massage, my face was fully submerged in an ocean of meat, and ohhhh I’d have sunk there to death most happily.

After my face was fully smeared with the powder transferred over from her breasts, Escort stopped and pulled a little away from me. She again held my face like a mother holding the face of her own beloved child… very, very lovingly. Then, I saw her face coming down on mine, slowly but longingly. At this moment, I just couldn’t control myself. All this time, I had been playing an absolutely passive role in the whole episode, not daring to do what I felt like doing so badly. But from here on, I decided to play the man and to return all those pleasures to Escort, which she had been giving me all this while. With that, I grabbed her face with both hands, pulled her towards me, and planted my lips onto hers. We kissed deeply for ages, first only lip-to-lip, but later with our tongues darting into each other’s mouths to lick and suck at everything possible. I can swear over my 29 years of life that I’d never received such hot and wet kisses from ANY woman before that. Escort was so full of passion, it was hard for someone like me, about half her age, to keep pace with her fiery smooching. She fully stunned me with her mastery over the art of kissing during those 15 minutes that we kissed, showing me just what tongues and lips are meant to be used for.

We again sat on our knees facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes with such love, such passion, and such eagerness, as if we had been lovers for ages past, but separated for some time. Then we kissed again. With more fire oozing out of every smooch and getting wilder and crazier with every passing minute. We must have thus kissed for another 10 minutes at least, before pulling away. Then, not taking her eyes off me, Escort picked up the powder container again, and handed it over to me. “You know what I want you to do now”, she said, smiling slyly again. I didn’t need any more instructions. I sprinkled some powder in my left palm, rubbed it over the right one to distribute it evenly, and then with those palms covered with powder, I grabbed Escort’s breasts. First, I held them gently, caressing them slowly. I could feel her thick nipples harden again beneath my hands, and that was enough to drive me crazy once again. I started pumping Escort’s breasts with whatever force I had in my hands, not caring that it might hurt her. But her breasts were so large in their girth, they just wouldn’t fit in my full palm, however wide I stretched. I was grabbing, fondling, crushing and playing with her massive boobies like mad, not caring to be gentle anymore.