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Something I must admit

I must admit here that even though Escort was my mother-in-law, I had often fantasized about her back in my younger years. Her breasts had always been much larger than her daughter’s, and although it was her daughter that I used to flirt with out in the open, it was the mother with that enviable cleavage and a perfectly round ass, who filled my teenage fantasies in those days. I had often dreamt of sleeping like a baby with my head with Escort Directory, sucking on her melony boobs.

It was just a couple of minutes before my earlier secret wish became a reality. She held me even tighter from behind, and her hands were now not simply rubbing, but fondling my breasts. She was trying to grab as much of the flesh in her hands as she could, and was giving it a firm squeeze. I also heard her breathing get a little heavier as she did this. She continued this for another 2 minutes, and then stopped abruptly. “She must be getting some more powder,” I thought. Well, I was right. However, it took her a little more time to do that than it should have. But I didn’t bother to turn back to see what she was doing, and waited for her to continue, when she hugged me from behind once again. But this time, there was something different in her embrace. It was not only its tightness that was different and more intense, but also what I was now feeling against my back. I could feel her breasts pressed tightly against my back, but only this time, they were BARE. It seems, within that short pause, she had pulled down the pallu of her saree and taken off her blouse before returning to massage my chest again. Well, I wasn’t so sure whether that really was the case, but I didn’t dare to turn back to check. All the same, I could feel the bare skin of her breasts fully pressed into my back, her hard nipples brushing slowly against it with her every movement, while she continued squeezing and fondling my breasts from behind like mad.

Her squeezing had got a little harder now, and was hurting me a little. She was now also playing with my nipples, twisting them with her fingertips and pinching them gently. Her breathing was now even heavier, and I could feel her hot breaths down my neck and near my ears. God, this was driving me crazy! This went on for another 2-3 minutes, after which she stopped abruptly once again. “Tarun,” she now said in a soft - almost seductive - voice, “Why don’t you lie down on your chest, so that I can also do your feet and calves?” By now, I was so very overwhelmed by the way Escort was ‘manhandling’ me, I was ready to do whatever she wanted me to do. And I did just what she’d asked me to do. I lay down on my chest letting my body loose on the bed and spreading both my arms sideways. I rest my head on the right side with my eyes closed, never once daring to look backward.