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UNODC Criminal Justice Program in the Kyrgyz Republic

COUNTRY Kyrgyz Republic

TYPE OF PROJECT Criminal law and procedure
Judicial reform

PERIOD 2011-2016

DONOR United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

BUDGET USD 8.5 million

BENEFICIARY Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic, Ministry of Interior, State Forensic Centre under the Ministry of Justice, Prison Service

Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Kyrgyz Republic Turkmenistan Tajikistan

Objective: To promote the rule of law through strengthening the capacity of the criminal justice system of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Programme Components :

  • Legislative Reform: Development of criminal legislation in line with international standards; Enhancement of multi-agency coordination and policy development of crime prevention and criminal justice.
  • Crime Prevention: Strengthening dialogue among local self-governance bodies, police and communities on crime prevention; Development and implementation of local crime prevention strategies.
  • Police Reform: Introduction of new recruitment and performance evaluation policies for the police; Establishment of police stations in line with community policing principles; Development of measures aimed at increasing gender and minority representation in the police; Strengthening police oversight and accountability mechanisms.
  • Forensic Services: Modernization of infrastructure and capacity development of the State Forensic Centre under the Ministry of Justice; Enhancement of forensics expertise quality via development of standard operating and quality control procedures.
  • Prison Reform: Enhancement of the management capacity of the prison service through the provision of training and expert advice; Development of social reintegration policy, improvement of living conditions in prisons, with a focus on sanitary infrastructure and facilities; Increasing coordination between the prison service and other law enforcement bodies in the area of drug control, prevention and harm reduction.

Donors for the project were:

  • United Nations Peacebuilding Fund ;
  • European Union ;
  • United States of America ;
  • Sweden ;
  • Turkey.




Implementing organisation: UNODC Address: 31-2 Razzakov Street, Bishkek 720040, Kyrgyz Republic, Tel: + 996 312 32-17-32, 32-17-33, Fax: + 996 312 32-18-93; Website: www.unodc.org