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System for Justice for Children and Child Rights improved within the programme Support to Judicial Reform in Kazakhstan

COUNTRY Kazakhstan

TYPE OF PROJECT Access to justice
Children`s rights
Judicial reform

PERIOD June 2014 – June 2017

DONOR European Union

BUDGET €2,4 million

BENEFICIARY United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Kyrgyz Republic Turkmenistan Tajikistan

The overall objective of the action is to support the government of Kazakhstan in establishing a comprehensive child-friendly justice system aligned with international standards.

The specific objective is to support system reforms towards more effective justice for children system focusing on the rights of children in conflict with the law and victims and witnesses of crime.


The project will support: the development, implementation and monitoring supported of adequate policies and legislation aimed at a modernized justice for children system in line with international standards. The Concept on Development of Juvenile Justice System of 2009-2011 will be reviewed, analysed and assessed and contributions to new policies and legislations are being made. In addition, relevant legislation and by-laws on probation, alternative sentencing and pre-trial period are reviewed and suggestions on their amendments are made.  The project will also promote reform of the institutional architecture for justice for children, the adequate coordination mechanisms and the development of related best practice services. An inter-ministerial coordination mechanism for justice for children reform implementation will be put in place; a juvenile court system and services for children in all oblasts of the country will be enhanced; and documented innovative practices and services of justice for children model systems are evaluated and presented to the government for the national scale up.  The project will also: development the capacity of specialized legal professionals and governmental institutions; the quality of working methods and performance of legal professionals will be improved to better serve children in conflict with the law and children victims and witnesses of crime; capacities of legal professionals on international instruments and practice to deal with child delinquency are to be strengthened; and juvenile justice and child rights components will be included in curricula of pre- and in- service national training institutions for judges, prosecutors and police as well as selected university law faculties.