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Support to the Kazakh authorities in improving the quality and efficiency of the Kazakh justice system

COUNTRY Kazakhstan

TYPE OF PROJECT Access to justice
Judicial reform
Public prosecutors

PERIOD July 2014 – July 2017

DONOR European Union

BUDGET €1.666.413 (EU contribution: 100 percent)

BENEFICIARY Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor General’s Office, Supreme Court, Ombudsperson’s Office

Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Kyrgyz Republic Turkmenistan Tajikistan

The overall objective of this project is to bring Kazakhstan’s criminal justice framework and institutional practice in line with European and international standards and practices by supporting the country’s authorities in their efforts to improve the justice system in the medium and long term.  The specific objective is to support the judicial sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan by making available the unique CoE expertise in this field, and in particular: enhancing the effectiveness and quality of justice by making tools, instruments, capacity-building and expertise available; enhancing the capacity of legal professionals to use European and international standards and best practices in their work; strengthening the mechanism available to process complaints in an efficient and transparent way in line with European and international standards.  The project is aimed at prosecutors, judges, legal professionals and jury members. Final benefactors will be the population at large of Kazakhstan, who will benefit from a more effective, accountable and transparent justice system.

This is a joint project between the EU and the Council of Europe.


It is expected that by the end of the project, the criminal law proceedings and practice will be amended to take into account respect for human rights as enshrined, in international and European law standards and their promotion will be ensured through the setting up of adequate mechanisms. Also, an important number of legal professionals will have been trained according to international and European standards and training curricula are amended to ensure sustainability.