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project title type of project period budget country status donor beneficiary description
Development of legal capacity and institutional mechanisms Human rights January – December 2015 USD 353,260 Turkmenistan Completed United Nations Development Programme National Institute for Democracy and Human Rights under the President of Turkmenistan (NIDHR)

Project focuses on engaging the Government of Turkmenistan (GoT) on its duty and capacity to comply with its international human rights ...

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Improvement of the court monitoring system in Kazakhstan Access to justice
Judicial reform
January 2014-December 2016 USD 240,000 (Of which: UNDP USD 50,000, Government of Kazakhstan USD 190,000) Kazakhstan Completed United Nations Development Programme Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Project will contribute to the enhancement of the judiciary and better access to justice for all by promoting the transparency ...

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Access to Justice for Socially Disadvantaged Groups in the Kyrgyz Republic Access to justice
Children`s rights
Women`s rights
1 July 2016–31 December 2017 Kyrgyz Republic Completed Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ GmbH) Kyz Ayim NGO

The purpose of this project is to improve the access to justice of disadvantaged groups in the Kyrgyz Republic. Access can ...

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Civil Justice Reform: Effective Court Management Access to justice
Civil law and procedure
Judicial reform
June 2012-December 2014 Total Budget: USD 642,000 (Of which: UNDP: USD 450,000, Supreme Court: USD 192,000) Uzbekistan Completed United Nations Development Programme Supreme Court of Uzbekistan

The project worked to strengthen the institutional framework of the civil courts of Uzbekistan, through creating favourable conditions for the further ...

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