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Improvement of the court monitoring system in Kazakhstan

COUNTRY Kazakhstan

TYPE OF PROJECT Access to justice
Judicial reform

PERIOD January 2014-December 2016

DONOR United Nations Development Programme

BUDGET USD 240,000 (Of which: UNDP USD 50,000, Government of Kazakhstan USD 190,000)

BENEFICIARY Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Kyrgyz Republic Turkmenistan Tajikistan

The Project will contribute to the enhancement of the judiciary and better access to justice for all by promoting the transparency and public oversight of the court system.




The project will:

  • Organise performance evaluation and quality assessment of judicial services by service users as an integral part of set of measures aimed at judicial integrity, prevention of corruption and better efficiency of justice administration.
  • Through a series of education activities, increase awareness of judges on judicial ethics, international principles and best practices.
  • By conducting nation-wide opinion surveys, contribute to the establishment of direct routes for feedback for the court users and promote measures for improvement of justice administration at local levels.
  • Stimulate better synergies of an ongoing national reform on public administration assessment and public services in all branches of state power.

(None available; National implementation)