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Developing Independent Civil Remedies for Victims of Torture in Kazakhstan

COUNTRY Kazakhstan

TYPE OF PROJECT Human rights

PERIOD December 2014 - March 2016

DONOR Open Society Foundation



Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Kyrgyz Republic Turkmenistan Tajikistan

The project is aimed at establishing an effective mechanism that would allow the victims of torture to claim monetary damages from state bodies in civil courts independent of criminal investigation.  The resultant monetary losses will increase the cost of human rights violations by law enforcement officials, prompting the government and law enforcement officials to restrain their subordinates.



The project is based on the theory than high financial costs associated with unlawful behaviour will lead to more real changes in practice than any other legal measures.

Implementation within the project framework of following activities:

  • Conducting practical analysis on institution of civil remedies;
  • Producing legal amendments to legislation and judicial instructions;
  • Developing a Methodology for Training of Judges and Lawyers ;
  • Development and implementation of an advocacy strategy.

Within the implementation of these activities, changes in the following areas:

  • More lawyers equipped with international human rights law tools, enabling them to make strategic use of international jurisprudence in anti-torture litigation ;
  • Increased number of civil actions of victims of torture against the state, brought by the project, streamlining judicial practice into consistent legal recognition of the independent civil remedies and creating strong incentives for the government to take effective anti-torture measures ;
  • Laws and judicial guidelines adopted or amended in order to account for the decisions of international bodies against Kazakhstan and integrate international human rights standards/principles into judicial practice,
  • Increased awareness of the public and of state bodies of civil society’s anti-torture measures, empowering victims to take up defence of their rights and send warning signals for perpetrators that impunity will not be tolerated.

Implementing organisation: Legal Policy Research Centre (LPRC) Tel: +7 727 394 36 94 +7 727 394 36 60 E-mail info@lprc.kz Address Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 050009, 157 Abay Ave., office 44