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Reports and studies (Advice Facility)

In the framework of the Advice Facility provided by the Rule of Law Platform, background analyses and studies will complement dialogue events and will serve to support the development of policy.

In order to maximise the impact of the EU CA Rule of Law Common Agenda, background studies will be carried out at national and/or regional level by high-level experts. The support may take the form of policy advice, analysis/assessment support and/or background documents as required to complement the legal topics agreed upon and endorsed at the Third Ministerial Conference in Brussels on 6-7 December 2012.

Ideally, background studies should be conducted first, and serve as incubating or “brainstorming” material on substantive functional and legal matters to kick-off the regional seminars. In turn, the regional seminars will serve to identify the needs and subject matter of training sessions, which will be conducted in respect to each of the four selected main legal topics.

Logically, as the advice facility is meant to generate background studies to “complement the topics to be discussed during the meetings or training missions financed from this Project”, there should be one study in the area of Administrative Law, one in the area of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, and one in the area of Judicial Reform, covering one, several or all of the Central Asian countries. A flexible and demand-driven approach will prevail: the Platform will prepare studies on legal topics at the request of beneficiary states, or be launched in line with requests commissioned at a regional seminar. These requests could result in in-depth reports or case studies on issues perceived as most pertinent, which might be required in addition to other input for a specific meeting or training event.

To date, background studies have been conducted on the following topics :

Developing Administrative Law in Central Asia

An Assessment of Current Academic and Vocational Legal Training Systems in Central Asia and Proposals for Curricula for Legal Professions

Regional study on the Independence of the Judiciary in the Central Asian States (second edition, November 2016)

Report on Regional Seminar on Women’s Rights (Russian language)

Study on criminal procedural reforms in the light of the right to a fair trial in Central Asia

Report of the training workshop on particularities of criminal justice in Tajikistan (in Tajik and Russian)

Report on the National Workshop on Support to the Justice Reform of Tajikistan