Expert network and institutional partners

One of the tasks of the Rule of Law Platform is to establish an interactive community of rule of law experts to facilitate the sharing of experience, resulting in the creation of a network of better trained Central Asian experts in legal professions with closer linkages with EU experts and enhanced mutual understanding.


To this end, from the launching of Phase I to date, the Platform has created an expert network consisting of rule of law specialists from Central Asia and the European Union, including judges, public prosecutors, practicing lawyers, enforcement agents, notaries, academics, civil servants, members of the other legal professions and the civil society having contributed to at least one activity of the Platform. The network also associates members of the joint EU-Central Asian research teams which have prepared background studies in the Platform Advice Facility, as applied research will contribute to the sustainability of the expert network. Experts members of this network have been invited to carry out further tasks, including the evaluation of essays in regional legal contests organised by the Platform, the development of awareness-raising materials, further training activities, evaluation of progress of the rule of law and policy advice.


In addition to the expert network, a network of institutions composed of think tanks, academic institutions, specialised NGOs and other institutions active in promoting the rule of law in Central Asia has been created.


The Platform also supports the establishment of cooperation and partnership agreements among EU and Central Asian institutions representative of the civil society : NGOs, bar associations and other professional associations, with the objective of ensuring the sustainability of activities initiated by the Platform and furthering the promotion and rooting of democratic values in the civil societies of Central Asia.