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13 March 2017


The EU Strategy for a new partnership with Central Asia  was adopted at the beginning of the German Presidency in 2007. The promotion of human rights, rule of law, good governance and democratizations count among the priorities of the Strategy. The European Rule of Law Initiative for Central Asia is one of the key elements of the Strategy. France and Germany, supported by the EEAS and the European Commission and working with the other EU Member States, coordinate the Initiative. In 2015, Finland  and Latvia joined the Initiative as European Partners. 

The Initiative assists the countries of Central Asia in the approximation of their national judicial models, legislation and practices with international (primarily European) standards. The Initiative also provides organisational mechanism under which the support from EU Member States, the EU and other international actors can be coordinated and rationalised. Since 2011, under the auspices of the Initiative, the Rule of Law Platform regional support project acts as a coordination mechanism to facilitate policy dialogue and promote the measures needed to encourage and support legal and governance reforms in each of the Central Asian countries. The Platform focuses on Administrative Law, Economic Governance, Criminal Justice and Judicial Reform, which form the “common work agenda” agreed on by representatives from the five respective countries at the ministerial conferences in Brussels (2008), Dushanbe (2010), Brussels (2012) and Astana (2014).

The Council of the European Union has updated the Strategy regularly in June 2009June 2012June 2015, and it is expected that new Council conclusions on the EU Strategy for Central Asia might be issued in the spring of 2017.