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Operating Rules


In compliance with Activities 0.3.1 and 0.3.2 in the Project Plan of Activities, a Steering Committee is created (hereafter “SC”) and Operating Rules of the Steering Committee are established.


The objective of the SC is to decide on major events and activities scheduled to take place during the next reporting period, to provide guidance to Project implementation, and to discuss and solve possible problems that may arise in relation thereto. Also, it comments on the Project’s key reporting outputs, from the point of view that they accurately reflect the needs of the Partners and further target groups.

Supervision: The SC monitors the progress of the work of the working groups of experts. It examines and approves all steps of the activity of the working groups. The SC reviews the progress of analysis and conclusions reached by the Project, determines the steps and benchmarks for periodic evaluation of Project outputs.

Consultation: The SC provides the working groups with information necessary to fulfil their tasks. The SC promotes a continued dialogue with the institutions involved in the Project.

Awareness-raising: The SC examines and approves awareness-raising activities, dissemination materials. It organises appropriate information dissemination on the benefits brought by the Project throughout the implementation period, to interested parties (stakeholders, target groups, etc.)

Development of recommendations: The SC provides guidance to the Project management and to the working groups. It provides direction and orientation to future activities.

Convocation, periodicity and place of meeting.

– After having consulted the Chairman, the General Secretary calls the next SC meeting, with reasonable advance notice, including the date, time and place of the SC meeting, and the agenda of the meeting. Convocation may be oral or written (by letter or by e-mail).

– The SC shall meet annually. Ad hoc meetings could be organised if necessary. An oral or written consultation of the members could take place, in lieu of meeting, if the Contracting Authority so agrees.

– The SC shall meet at the premises of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. If this is not possible, the SC meets in any other place.

– Observers, Project experts and representatives of the other two platforms may be invited to SC meetings on an ad hoc basis.

– The Team Leader drafts the minutes of the meetings of the SC and circulates them among members.

–  Members not able to attend SC meetings having given sufficient notice to the General Secretary, will be sent by the General Secretary a memorandum prior to the SC meeting, inviting them to communicate their positions on the issues on the agenda. Members representing a Central Asian country may be represented at SC meetings by a representative of their country Embassy to Belgium