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INCOM Ltd. International Consulting & Management

12, Tinou & Roumelis St.
142 35, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece
Tel/Fax : +30 210 865 30 46

INCOM Ltd., International Consulting & Management is based in Athens, Greece. For more than 15 years, INCOM has been involved in technical assistance projects with developing countries and transition economies, providing expertise and training, institutional and capacity building to various country stakeholders, including:

  • Policy and decision makers
  • Public and business sector
  • Governmental think-tanks
  • NGOs and Chambers
  • Academic community.

INCOM has solid extensive experience been in implementing donors’ funded projects and strengthening the relationships between the EU and countries under economic development. It supports the promotion and improvement of judiciary and legal systems worldwide and provides high level support and significant experience in most of ex-USSR and Central Asia countries. It is specialised in the organisation of high level conferences and trainings, study visits and networking between the European and Central Asia beneficiary institutions.

INCOM provides supporting a wide range of technical areas, including:

  • Development of a monitoring system of implementation of Government strategies and programs,
  • Reinforcement of capacity of governmental, public and private stakeholders
  • Strengthening of institutional and administrative capacities of state institutions
  • Civil Services Reform and Public Administration Reform
  • Legal Approximation
  • Legal advice
  • Policy advice
  • Development of National Legislation on Public Private Partnership,
  • Improvement of legal environment.