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IBF International Consulting

IBF International Consulting

Avenue Louise 209A
1050 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. +32 2 237 0900
Fax +32 2 230 46 49
E-mail: info@ibf.be

IBF International Consulting was founded in Belgium in 1977. The company works on projects financed by international organisations such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, both in developing and transition countries.

IBF has built a recognised reputation for its knowledge, flexibility, creativity, and ability to successfully implement projects within its core sectors – in particular, institutional strengthening, justice, education and socio-economic development.

IBF provides its clients with tailored consulting advice based upon relevant approaches and success cases drawn from our vast experience. It adapts these practices to the clients’ specific situation by working closely with them and local expertise.

In the legal and judicial domain, IBF activities focus in particular on two closely related dimensions:

Justice and judicial harmonisation

– Harmonisation and approximation of legislation
– Legal advice
– Technical assistance in legal drafting
– Implementation of the “acquis communautaire”
– Awareness raising on EU policies
– Impact assessment studies on new legislation
– Advice on justice and internal affairs: immigration, borders, judicial cooperation

Modernisation of state institutions and of central and local administrations

– Institutional building, good governance and support to civil society
– Public management and modernisation of administrative procedures
– Support to decentralisation and strengthening of local authorities / municipalities
– Strengthening of national parliaments
– Support to improve the transparency, the effectiveness and the inclusiveness of state institutions
– Set up of management instruments
– Support and monitoring of electoral processes
– Legal and judicial reforms
– Training on EU policies and legislation