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Central Asia International Consulting

Central Asia International Consulting

96-3, Toktogula Str., 2nd floor 720040 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel.: +996 312 66 46 87, +996 312 62 36 96;
Fax: +996 312 62 37 81

CAI Consulting is a leading regional consulting company created in 1998 to facilitate the development of the countries with transitional economies, particularly in Central Asia. It supports the development of local expertise and networking by uniting small local consulting companies and institutions, exchanging best practices with them and promoting local experts.

CAI Consulting specialises in public sector reforms, institutional development and capacity building to strengthen state organisations and bodies. CAI Consulting has an in depth knowledge and understanding of political and economic life in Central Asia, enabling expertise to be highly constructive in the service of national governments. It supports national strategies by symbioses and synergism of the accumulated international experience and local talent of each individual country.

CAI Consulting enjoys a broad network of contacts across the region, and this greatly facilitates good project management. Projects can benefit greatly from the experience of reforms in neighboring countries.

Main areas of expertise

  • Administrative reform and strengthening potential of state organisations
  • Development of recommendation for legislative and judicial reforms
  • Optimization of legislative policies and analysis of their influence to the economy, state budget and society
  • Public administration and civil service reform
  • Decentralization, devolution and local self-governance
  • Fiscal reform and institutional support of fiscal agencies
  • Public finance management and policy development
  • Development of projects for integration into world society and entering international export markets
  • Organization of consultation, conferences and workshops
  • Feasibility and identification studies