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Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC)

Center for International Legal Cooperation
Spui 1
2511 BL The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)70 311 72 50
E-mail office@cilc.nl

The Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) is an independent Dutch non-profit organisation. It is a foundation according to Dutch Law, which provides expertise to developing countries and countries in transition engaged in legal and judicial reform. CILC was founded in 1985 in the belief that a functioning, reliable legal system is a critical precondition for the political, economic and social well-being of a country’s population.

CILC has direct access to prominent lawyers from the Dutch judiciary, to the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, and to law faculties in the Netherlands. The CILC council of partners has seats for representatives of the Ministry of Security and Justice, Supreme Court of the Netherlands, the Board of Prosecutors-General, Academy for Legislation, Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary (SSR), Council for the Judiciary, various Dutch law faculties and other professional bodies and specialised institutions whose work is relevant to our mission.

CILC has implemented a wide range of legal and judicial reform projects in the past three decades. These projects focused on drafting and revising legal frameworks and advice and guidance to legislative drafters, capacity strengthening of legal professionals and civil servants, as well as judges, prosecutors, lawyers, bailiffs, and public notaries, and enhancing the capacities of probation services.

Another focus point is the harmonisation and codification of civil legislation, and the approximation of legislation with European standards in the justice and the property rights area. Projects often focus on capacity building of legal and judicial institutions such as Judicial training centres, bar associations, enforcement agents associations, and notary associations.

Since 1992, CILC has been actively engaged in Eastern Europe and Asia to promote rule of law.