DMI France
21, rue Longue – BP 1176 69201 –
Lyon Cedex 01, France
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DMI has been specialising for more than 15 years in Public Policies supporting transition economies in modernising ministries and institutions in a context of economic globalisation and deeper integration in multilateral systems. DMI developed strong competences in capacity building and institutional strengthening applied worldwide for public administration reforms and in particular judiciary reforms, legal framework upgrading, policy dialogue, strategic planning and economic cooperation. DMI is engaged in a strong network of practitioners, think-tanks, research centres, school and universities in Europe focussing on legal and judicial matters.

DMI has a proven experience working on international donors funded projects in the following areas:

– Good governance and Rule of law;
– Public administration reform,
– Judiciary and penitentiary reforms;
– Legal approximation;
– Policy advice;
– Institutional capacity building for better governance;
– Economic Development, including International Trade and Investment.
– The company’s key areas of competence include:
– Support to judiciary, penitentiary and legal reforms;
– Support to criminal justice reform including the whole penal chain
– Assistance to development of legal and regulatory framework, codes and statutes for public administrations system;
– Assistance in the integration of international standards into national legislation;
– Training/re-training of high level civil servants and Governments officials;

DMI acquired a strong professional background in judiciary and penitentiary reforms and notably drafting, piloting and implementing of new practices and regulations for key beneficiary institutions to cope with the most demanding rule of law related issues. DMI is currently implementing large multidisciplinary institutional strengthening and training projects to support justice and penitentiary related reforms in developing countries.